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MOVIE NAME: Operation Java

  • Suspense Thriller

In the present-day scenario where technology rules all our lives, Operation Java is a thriller movie that peeks into the dark world of cybercrime. This 141-minute thriller keeps you hooked in every scene with unpredictable twists and turns throughout.

 The story begins with Antony and Dasan, the tech savvy duo who volunteer to assist the Kochi Cyber Cell police in solving a film piracy case. Impressed by their expertise, the force inducts them on a contract basis. The journey of Antony and Dasan through the dark alleys of the cyber crime world and the troubles faced by the gullible common man not only entertains the viewers but also educates them of the pitfalls of the ever-expanding cyber world.

MOVIE TRAILER : Operation Java Trailer
  • INITIAL RELEASE : 2021 February 12
  • DIRECTOR : Tharun Moorthy
  • BUDGET : 4.5 Cr
  • LANGUAGE : Malayalam
  • BASED ON : Real incidents
  • BOX OFFICE :Mega Hit
  • AWARD :Awaiting
  • CAST : Balu Varghese, Lukman Avaran, Binu Pappu, Irshad, Shine Tom Chacko, Mamitha Baiju and Vinayakan
  • IMDb :8.3 rating